Call for Papers

Call for Article for
Journal of Youth Researches
14th and 15th Issue

Journal of Youth Researches (GAD) is a peer-reviewed national academic journal that publishes scientific studies on “youth”. The aim of the journal is to be a source for international and interdisciplinary original scientific studies, produce quality debates about youth and contribute to the shaping of policies with regard to youth in Turkey. The studies to be published are expected to make new and original contributions to debates on youth, in addition to having academic qualifications. The magazine thus aims to contribute to the establishment of a background which individuals/organizations working in the field of youth in Turkey will benefit from.

In this regard, issues 14 and 15 of the Journal of Youth Research will include articles that address the following topics: (These topics will be considered as priority. Original thematic recommendations of authors for areas not listed below will also be taken into account.)

ü  Social Participation of Youth in Every Field,

ü   Participation of Youth in University Administrations (Student Clubs/Council),

ü  The Effects of Social Media on Participation

ü   Issues related to the participation of young people in education, occupation and employment

ü  Business to business relations when youth services are planned and implemented

ü   Interest of young people in volunteering activities

ü  Social participation of young people

ü  Levels of interest and perceptions of young people towards Turkey and world politics

ü  Material/Spiritual Culture and Youth

ü  Social belonging in young people

ü  Youth and social capital

ü  Approach of youth to multiculturalism

ü  Youth and Conflict of Generations

ü   Relationship between Youth and Social Media

ü  Approach of youth to sports and their relationship with sports

ü   Youth and addiction

ü   Expectations from organizations about the personal development of youth studying at universities

ü  The knowledge of youth studying at universities about market conditions related to employment and the guidance/counseling expectations about these issue

ü  Informing youth about cultural, social and scientific studies offered by organizations and their participation in such activities and their expectations about such activities

ü  Perception towards education, social environment, family and world perceptions of youth who live in places that provide collective housing for the students, especially in the dormitories belonging to the General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution and the conditions that affect these perceptions.

ü   Perception of values, belief, norm and law in the context of modernity and tradition

ü  The perception of social change in young people and the effect of social movements on youth

ü  Problems that the youth face with regards to family, school, public space, work life and so on (specific to youth)

ü   Reading and library use of youth

ü  Youth and crime (crime types committed by convicted youth etc.)

ü  Youth Council

ü  Youth Participation in Political Processes,

ü   Youth Participation in Social Processes,

ü  Youth Participation in Economic and Cultural Processes,

ü  Issues regarding Youth Participation in Education, Acquiring a Profession and Employment,


For the 14th issue;

Deadline for submitting abstracts (Turkish -English abstract): 01 March 2018

Deadline for sending full text (including expanded abstract in English):15 March 2018 


For the 15th issue;

Deadline for submitting abstracts (Turkish -English abstract): 01 June 2018

Deadline for sending full text (including expanded abstract in English):20 June 2018



We wish you success in your work and offer our respects.


On behalf of the team of the Journal of Youth Research,

Prof. Dr. Aylin GÖRGÜN BARAN-Editor

Prof. Dr. E. Didem EVCİ KİRAZ, Editor

Suat Tayfun TOPAK, GAD Editor in Chief 


S. Bahar ALBAN, Editorial Coordinator




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Adress: Alban Tanıtım Ltd. Şti. Tunalı Hilmi Cad. Büklüm Sk. 45/3 Kavaklıdere/ANKARA

IMPORTANT NOTE: Authors should check that they have the following qualifications in the article they send. Works that do not carry any of these qualifications will not pass the preliminary evaluation process:


1-The article should be original and of scientific quality.

2-The article should be written according to APA writing rules (according to 6th APA Manual). For the writing rules, please refer to our magazine's web site: )


3-The articles will also include the "English expanded abstract".  The expanded English summary of 5-7 pages should include:

                a. Title of the article

                b. Main issue of the article

                c. The method used by the article

                d. Findings/data of the article

                e. Discussions on findings and data

                f. The results of the article and suggestions, if any


For a sample expanded abstract in English, please refer to our journal's content: